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Development status

The status information contained on this page constitutes a snapshot of the current development progress of (a) specific NConf version(s). Note that the time invested in this (open-source) project is entirely “best-effort” and is not the full-time occupation of the development team!

Since NConf is developed at irregular intervals, the status displayed on this page cannot be used to convey any upcoming release dates. Also note that the effort invested in improving back end functionality etc. is often underestimated, because it is not directly visible, nor can it be attributed to additional features or functionality. Development is therefore often a non-linear affair.

NConf 1.3.0
100% completed Overall status
100% completed Bugfixing
New Features
100% completed host & service dependencies
100% completed assign services to hostgroups
100% completed auto-created service dependencies
100% completed default templates for services
100% completed improved deployment
100% completed GUI usability improvements
100% completed migrate GUI to jQuery
100% completed bi-directional linking of items
100% completed improve “add host” steps 2 + 3
100% completed additional Nagios 3.x functionality
100% completed integrate 3rd party contributions
100% completed cleanup tasks
100% completed Alpha-Testing
100% completed Beta-Testing
100% completed Pre-Release activities
100% completed Documentation
100% completed Packaging

(status last updated 2012-01-18)

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