Release 1.3.0 (2011-12-11)

  • FIXED a bug with the $SUPERADMIN_GROUPS array (array couldn’t be unset). Also, superadmin groups are now listed first in the ‘contact_groups’ attr, allowing users to place the ‘+’ sign in the beginning (useful to control inheritance of contact_groups from templates).
  • FIXED a bug with ‘generate_config’ causing an endless loop and 100% CPU load. Root cause was a faulty implementation of the macro replacement function. Fixed a second bug that prevented macros from being added to service parameters.
  • FIXED ordering of checkcommands with empty ‘default service name’
  • FIXED attribute ordering. Modifying or creating new attributes will not cause duplicate order numbers any more. Order numbers will now be changed / re-arranged automatically.
  • FIXED a bug in displaying static links like ‘generate nagios config’ in the last user menu box, instead of ‘Basic Items’
  • FIXED security issue with ‘call_ajax.php’ → new file handler implemented (‘call_file.php’) which prevents breaking out of nconf directory structure
  • FIXED ‘Reset’-button did not reset all input fields, now it will reload the page to do a real reset for all changed values
  • FIXED multimodiy and multidelete: amount of selected items was limited, because of apache ‘LimitRequestLine Directive’. This is fixed with a change from GET to POST.
  • FIXED some bugs with the way the Nagios importer parses uncommented lines in the Nagios configuration files; added check for prepending ‘+’ characters in attributes to be imported.
  • FIXED the way history entries are added for created or cloned services. Also, changes from host to services via inheritance will be tracked in history.
  • FIXED a bug when adding a service over a host’s “service” view. All attributes (also invisible ones) and their predefined values are added correctly.
  • FIXED a bug when modifying services where it was possible to change a service name to the same as an other on the same host.
  • FIXED services created over “add service” (in the main menu), did not check if the servicename is already taken by an other service on the host.
  • FIXED a bug with assign_* attributes when an item name ended with an underscore “_”
  • FIXED crypt will now work as expected (CRYPT_SALT option not used anymore)
  • ADDED new sample data based on original sample config files from Nagios 3.3.1
  • ADDED NConf can now work with ‘modules’
  • ADDED completely new deployment module with many new features (SCP, rsync, HTTPs, local deployment)
  • ADDED jQuery – most GUIs will now use jQuery and its functionality
  • ADDED jQuery UI – most elements are designed with jQuery UI and use its theme-roller styles.
  • ADDED option ‘illegal_object_name_chars’ to test nagios.cfg file which is used for syntax checking. This is to make sure that generated configuration files containing illegal chars in object names cannot be deployed anymore.
  • ADDED ‘link_bidirectional’ flag to allow attributes of type ‘assign_*’ to be visible in both classes that are linked to eachother
  • ADDED ‘class_type’ attribute to ConfigClasses table to discern between ‘global’, ‘monitor’ and ‘collector’ classes
  • ADDED basic DB check (should detect a corrupt NConf DB and inform accordingly)
  • ADDED check for existing classes or attributes, to detect possible conflicts during an update
  • ADDED a script which exports items in the NConf database in different formats (‘bin/’). It is intended for debugging and export purposes.
  • ADDED ‘call_file.php’ → replacing ‘call_ajax.php’ (security issue); the new file also handles the new module-files
  • ADDED ‘class: NConf_DEBUG’ which helps to manage DEBUG, INFO, ERROR and CRITICAL warnings.
  • ADDED ‘class: NConf_HTML‘ which helps to print DEBUG messages. It also stores some functions (templates) to allow generating HTML output.
  • ADDED optional constant ‘DEBUG_GENERATE’ for debugging config generation proccess (loglevel 1-5)
  • ADDED handle_item.php → replacing the old add/modify/multimodify GUIs
  • ADDED help button with info text on add/modify Attributes/Classes (administration part) (jQuery)
  • ADDED new possible_value for attribute ‘command_param_count’; it can now also handle 0 (zero) arguments. The GUI will not show any param input lines then.
  • ADDED classes ‘host-dependency’ and ‘service-dependency’ including their attributes.
  • ADDED NConf file check: checks critical files (and directories) for read/write -able and if files exists/are removed, otherwise a critical error is thrown
  • ADDED “service_enabled” attribute for services. Setting it to “no” will prevent a service entry from being written to the configuration.
  • ADDED “hostgroup_members”, “servicegroup_members” and “contactgroup_members” attributes to their respective classes.
  • ADDED “service_template” attribute to checkcommand class. This allows one to specify a service-template to be applied to all services using a command.
  • ADDED “default_service_dependency” attributes to checkcommand class. This allows NConf to auto-create service-dependencies for services on the same host.
  • ADDED “template inheritance” view on the detail page of hosts and services
  • ADDED new history action named “edited”. It shows which items were changed. This improves the usability and tracking of changes a lot.
  • ADDED CSV export functionality to ‘’ script (contributed by Yannick Charton)
  • ADDED selecting a different checkcommand while adding a service will now update the default service parameters
  • ADDED AD (Active Directory) authentication functionality
  • ADDED locking mechanism for ‘generate config’. User will be stopped and warned if there is someone else already generating.
  • ADDED when adding/modifying service parameters on a service, NConf will automatically trim spaces in front/end of value. (preventing copy/paste failures)
  • ADDED before applying inherited values from the host to its services, there is now a preview of attributes, which are going to be overwritten
  • ADDED NConf will now check for updates and show an info message (only if the user belongs to the admin group and if the update check hasn’t been disabled)
  • ADDED progress bar to the generate_config process
  • ADDED multimodify of an assign_many attribute (e.g. ‘contact_groups’) now shows a mode selection for how to apply the new values: ‘overwrite’ (as previously) or ‘add’ to append additional values.
  • ADDED advanced-services which allow more liberty and can be assigned to multiple hosts and hostgroups
  • ADDED syntax checking for static config folders. This functionality can be enabled/disabled using the new CHECK_STATIC_SYNTAX constant.
  • ADDED script to append/link an additional contactgroup with existing hosts & services
  • ADDED conversion script to make sure config is still generated the same way after an update to NConf 1.3 → refer to the Release Notes!
  • ADDED “first_notification_delay” attribute to the classes host, service, advanced-service, host-template and service-template
  • ADDED functionality to keep generated config even if it doesn’t pass the syntax check when debug mode is active (contributed by Yannick Charton)
  • REMOVED ‘extended_host_info.cfg’ and ‘extended_service_info.cfg’ files. The original contents of those files are now written to ‘hosts.cfg’ and ‘services.cfg’ respectively. Also, those properties are now available both on Collector and Monitor servers.
  • REMOVED ‘call_ajax.php’ → replaced with ‘call_file.php’
  • REMOVED add_item.php → implemented as handle_item.php
  • REMOVED modify_item.php → implemented as handle_item.php
  • REMOVED multimodify_attr.php → implemented as handle_item.php
  • REMOVED constant “CRYPT_SALT” → NConf will now use the SALT correctly, generating individual salt’s or reading them from the password (the way it’s meant to be done)
  • REMOVED include/js/ajax-dynamic-content.js → functionality replaced with jQuery & jQuery UI
  • REMOVED the -n parameter for all import scripts. No more need to specify the naming attribute when running any of the import scripts.
  • MOVED config.orig/main.php (config/main.php) → moved to root NConf directory (nconf/)
  • MOVED include/history_tab.php → moved to tabs directory include/tabs/history.php
  • MOVED 5 attributes from timeperiods to hosts/services directly (max_check_attempts, notification_interval etc.) → refer to the Release Notes!
  • MOVED 5 attributes from collectors/monitors to hosts/services directly (active_checks_enabled, notifications_enabled etc.) → refer to the Release Notes!
  • CHANGED add host – step2 will now redirect directly to ‘modify service’, which will add services for each checkcommand linked to the cosen host-preset
  • CHANGED ‘message’-function: INFO, DEBUG etc. are now handled over the new class (NConf_DEBUG). Old message function only forwards to new class. Also, the output of all types (INFO,DEBUG,ERROR and CRITICAL) is done over this class.
  • CHANGED Services view (on a host). Service list and adding services is now solved with jQuery/AJAX functions.
  • CHANGED Administration GUI:
    1. ‘attributes’: add & modify – extended GUI with help functionality
    2. ‘classes’: add & modify – extended GUI with help functionality
  • CHANGED ‘members’ attribute for hostgroups, servicegroups and contactgroups. Set the ‘link_bidirectional’ flag.
  • CHANGED ‘parents’ attribute for hosts: this attribute is now also written to the config of collector servers
  • CHANGED ‘services’ in the navigation from the ‘admins’ section to the ‘users’ section
  • CHANGED ‘command_name’ attribute in host-presets to not be mandatory anymore
  • CHANGED advanced box: the box itself and clone/multimodify/delete/checkbox selection is now implemented with jQuery code.
  • CHANGED the Nagios import mechanism to properly process services which are assigned to more than one host. Multiple services are created in NConf.
  • CHANGED functionality for cloning services to other hosts: it is now possible to select multiple services and clone them to multiple hosts with one action.
  • CHANGED history entries: they now have a link to the item’s detail view, if the item still exists
  • CHANGED history view: it now uses jQuery plugin ‘datatables’
  • CHANGED default parameter settings for checkcommands, optimized the layout of service parameters
  • CHANGED CSS: cleanup and simplified code. Implemented jQuery UI theme styles.
  • CHANGED SQL queries for overviews
  • CHANGED access rules and permission/authorisation system renewed.
  • RENAMED “dependency view” to “host parent / child view”
  • RENAMED to for better distinction
  • RENAMED NConf release 1.2.7 to 1.3, because there have been so many changes!

Release 1.2.6 (2009-11-26)

  • FIXED ‘permission denied’ bug when a ‘normal’ user tries to clear a form
  • FIXED ‘unknown’ user bug in history entry when generating updated Nagios config
  • FIXED max_length limit of ‘address’ field when cloning a host
  • FIXED a bug within the input form for service parameters (proper handling of the ‘!’ character)
  • FIXED a problem with ‘multi_modify’ not enforcing ONCALL_GROUPS setting
  • FIXED quotes bug ” (double) and ‘ (single) in the Attributes → Show / Add form for attributes of type ‘select’ and in all other text fields (attribute & friendly name, description, possible values, pre-defined value)
  • ADDED CSV importer and example scripts to import any type of items from a CSV file into NConf
  • ADDED an ID-wrapper script (id_wrapper.php) that allows users to embed a link to the NConf ‘details’ page, knowing only the name of an item (item name and item class are passed as GET-parameters)
  • ADDED configuration option SELECT_VALUE_SEPARATOR
  • ADDED ‘host-template’ class and attributes, added several predefined host-template items
  • ADDED ‘service-template’ class and attributes, added several predefined service-template items
  • ADDED ‘use’ attribute to ‘hosts’ & ‘services’ classes
  • ADDED a new ‘host_template’ and ‘service_template’ attribute to timeperiods, nagios-collectors and nagios-monitors. This allows users to specify templates to be auto-assigned to each service which is linked with these items.
  • ADDED ‘default_service_name’ attribute to checkcommand class. This value will be used when adding new services instead of the checkcommand name.
  • ADDED ‘notes’ and ‘notes_url’ attributes to hostgroup and servicegroup classes.
  • ADDED ‘stale_service_command’ attribute to ‘nagios-monitor’ class. If set, this writes a ‘dummy’ check_command to all services on a ‘nagios-monitor. The ‘dummy’ check_command is therefore no longer triggered by the ‘active_checks_enabled’ flag.
  • ADDED new datatype ‘assign_cust_order’ to ConfigAttrs table and GUIs.
    • This allows users to specify the order of how linked items should be written to the config (necessary for ‘use’ attributes to define order of templates).
  • MERGED with NConf perl-API, moved certain functions to perl modules
  • RENAMED old NConf host-templates to ‘host presets’
  • RENAMED ‘normal_check_interval’ and ‘retry_check_interval’ attributes to ‘check_interval’ and ‘retry_interval’
  • REMOVED ‘dependent_service_description’ attribute from ‘service’ class
  • CHANGED ‘overview’: user can now choose the amount of entries he wants to see, and also jump to first / last page
  • CHANGED ‘add service’: services can be re-used for same host without having to rename existing ones first (service auto-renamed to ‘_2’)
  • CHANGED layout of ‘assign_many’ select-boxes. New is also a live-search functionality for faster filtering of many entries.
  • CHANGED ‘advanced’ tab to remain open while switching views (requires cookies to be enabled in browser)
  • CHANGED value separator for attributes of type ‘select’ from ‘,’ to ‘::’
  • CHANGED Nagios config importer: import files are now processed in sequential order. Items are not read randomly anymore.
  • CHANGED and extended several functions of the NConf perl-API (refer to API documentation for details)
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: added possibility to use %…% style NConf macros in any text attribute (e.g. %NAGIOS_SERVER_NAME% etc.)
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: added ‘check_result_path’ = nconf/temp/ to temp/test/nagios.cfg for syntax checking. This eliminates the common error ‘Unable to write to check_result_path’.
  • CHANGED ConfigAttrs.link_as_child attribute in the database to ENUM(‘yes’,’no’) NOT NULL default ‘no’
  • CHANGED several host, service, timeperiod, nagios-collector and nagios-monitor attributes from ‘mandatory’ to ‘not mandatory’
  • CHANGED the way several attributes are inherited from timeperiods based on check_period & notification_period attributes (see release notes!)
  • CHANGED searchfilters: ‘%’ wildcards are now changed to ‘*’, and ‘*’ will not change back to ‘%’ anymore
  • CHANGED searchfilter in ‘Show Services’: it now filters for hostname AND servicename combined

Release 1.2.5 (2009-06-12)

  • FIXED quoting problems (backslashes * ADDED) when editing values with php.ini-option
    “magic_quotes_gpc = On” –> DEPRECATED PHP FUNCTION
  • FIXED empty contact_groups field in host did not change contact_groups in the linked services
  • FIXED ‘modify attribute’: disabling some fields did not work correctly
  • FIXED ‘delete attribute’: after deleting an attribute, the correct class will be displayed now
  • ADDED static file editor and deployment of static (Nagios) files
  • ADDED ADD-ONS folder with several useful scripts (scripts for config deployment, history cleanup,
    as well as script)
  • ADDED NConf config check: checks your vars (constants and arrays) must be set properly,
    otherwise a critical error is thrown
  • ADDED update functionality and corresponding folder structure
  • ADDED perl-API for database access (beta-version, changes possible in the future)
  • ADDED basic bulk-import functionality (to be extended in upcoming releases)
  • ADDED ‘dependency view’ looks up parents and child items of a selected item (host),
    it contains also a direct Nagios access mode
  • ADDED ‘advanced’ box now has a ‘multi delete’ and ‘select all’ option
  • ADDED ‘clone service’ functionality to clone a service to one or more hosts
  • ADDED ‘overview’: table title will now sort the content for each row ASC/DESC
  • ADDED ‘overview’: entries are now limited to given amount (standard 24, configurable in include/gui.php),
    switchable pages ← →
  • ADDED ‘add/modify class’
  • ADDED two new attributes, which allow to export any class into a custom file
    1. ‘out_file’ (generated filename)
    2. ‘nagios_object’ (Nagios object definition)
  • ADDED AJAX features:
    1. ‘add item’: info tab with info about timeperiods and contact groups
    2. ‘generate config’: ‘loading’ icon runs until config is generated
  • ADDED action url attribute in host and service class.
  • REMOVED constant “URLROOTPATH”, NConf now handles this on its own
  • REMOVED ‘add attribute’ functionality is now implemented under ‘modify attribute’
  • CHANGED default values, description, maxlength, ordering and mandatory-flag of several attrs
  • CHANGED installer updated with php-mysql check and notification about not using :: in a password when auth = file
  • CHANGED all ”<?” tags to ”<?php” tags, php.ini option “short_open_tag” can now be ON or OFF
  • CHANGED navigation menu entry “Attributes – Add”, it now calls ‘modify_attr’ to add new attributes
  • CHANGED when trying to access a page (unauthenticatedly), login prompt will now apear and after successful login it will redirect you to the page that was called
  • CHANGED ‘overview’: search will now send data via GET method, this will prevent the
    “resend data” message when going back
  • CHANGED ‘delete’: now also has multi-delete functionality, and displays items to be deleted in tree view
  • CHANGED ‘multi-modify’: now also allows changing service names of multiple services at the same time
  • CHANGED ‘add attribute’: now warns if attr name already exists in same class (not allowed)
  • CHANGED ‘add attribute’: now remembers/caches your entered data, if there was a error and you need to go back
  • CHANGED ‘add attribute’: now makes sure naming_attrs are always mandatory
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: script now writes ‘trap’ services to collector config, if no monitor server is present
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: filenames to be generated are now read from the DB (‘out_file’ attr),
    users can easily implement their own classes now
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: static files are now also included in tar, if they are managed through NConf
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: error handling, many more things are checked now before gererating the config
  • CHANGED ‘generate config’: service check_command on monitor servers is now dependent on
    “active_checks_enabled” flag (service_is_stale not forced anymore)
  • CHANGED ‘auth by ldap’: now enforcing LDAP v3
  • CHANGED ‘auth by file’: the delimiter in the password file is now :: (2 colons)
  • CHANGED ‘auth by file’: password file is now a php file (file is not displayed by apache anymore!)
  • CHANGED ‘auth by file’: password attribute encryption type is now case-insensitive ({crypt} is the same as {CRYPT})

Release 1.2.4 (2009-03-05)

  • CREATED The first official release of NConf