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What is NConf?

Assignment: host - service - checkcommand

NConf is a web-based tool which allows users to manage the complete configuration of their Nagios setup. Is is specifically aimed at large environments, but can naturally also be used for small Nagios installations. One of the main benefits is that NConf allows users to define templates and presets, which can be applied when adding hosts. A host-preset contains all services to be added to a host, with all commands linked and all default values already set. It also contains the host-alive-check to be applied to the new host. All a user must do after adding a host is to tweak certain parameters, if necessary.

A host is always linked to a collector. When the config is generated, all hosts linked to the same collector will be written to a file, including all their services and additional dependencies. Hosts not assigned to the same collector will be written to a different config file. This way, each collector will recieve its own set of config files. It will only monitor hosts assigned to it, all other information is disregarded. This increases performance. Information about all hosts is summarized in the monitor config. Performance is not an issue here, since the monitor server does not do any active checking.

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